Deaf Granny Arts

artful communication bridging

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in supporting our efforts or in becoming involved in our latest project.

Our Mission:

Deaf Granny Arts exists to support Deaf artists in their effort to spread awareness and foster understanding of Deaf people and visual communication. We do this by way of art. Our projects seek to bridge communication gaps between Deaf and Hearing peoples. Our most recent project is "Deaf Granny's Kitchen" (DGK), an interactive performance art project that serves to expose people to elements of Deaf Culture in ways that do not follow clinical or traditional outreach and educational models. Rather, DGK uses satrical stereotype characters to humorously confront and break down preconceived notions and comfortably draw people in as participants actively engaged in their own awakening to the forms of communicating and the ways of being exemplified by Deaf peoples.

Currently, we are raising funds to update our stage set to include nighttime performance capabilities, transport the set to performance locations, provide for storage when not in use, and to accommodate the artists performing as Deaf Granny and her support characters on location during scheduled performances. We also maintain an open casting call for Deaf actors interested in portraying Deaf Granny or one of her cohorts.

Please Contact Us regarding your participation or support. We look forward to hearing from you!